• TUESDAYS- Winter Market in Phoenix at the Civic Center February 18th & 25th
              • TUESDAYS- Ashland Farmers Markets March-November 24 at the Armory
              • THURSDAYS- Medford Farmers Markets March-November 19 at 
              • Fry Family Farm Store in Medford – Bread delivered Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays until Christmas CHECK OUT HOLIDAY PICK-UPS TOO!
              • Rogue Creamery in Central Point – Bread delivered  Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturdays until Christmas

Love at first bite.

We’ve been called coquettish.  We can’t help it.  Our local, handcrafted, artisan breads and baked yummies just love to flirt with your taste buds.  Upon sinking your teeth into one of our crusts or crumbs, you’ll want to close your eyes and savor the symphony of flavors that burst from our breads into your mouth.  You might find that this brief love affair makes your world a little brighter.

 Starry eyed with delight.

Come lean in a little closer and we’ll whisper a secret to you.  Are you listening?  Ok – well it all started a few years ago when we took the best bread recipes from world renowned San Francisco bakeries.  We tinkered and experimented and isolated every variable to make each bread exactly just right for our kitchen.  Boy did we fret.  We so much wanted to please you.  The result is truly divine, handcrafted breads and treats, using the finest ingredients, old world methods and a whole lotta love.

 Come play on our site.

Make yourself at home here on our website.  Take a look around and feel free to share with your friends.  We love having company.

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To share our breads with your customers or friends, call us anytime at (541) 727-0330.

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We are located at Two Creeks Heritage Farm in Central Point, Oregon.