Coquette Bakery Artisan Baguette BreadWalking down the street, you notice everyone just staring at you.  Well, they aren’t exactly staring at YOU, they are staring at the arm candy you’re flaunting. You have to admit, she IS quite a sight. Tall, gorgeous and perfectly proportioned, they don’t come much more delicious than this. You beam with pride as you look at her on your arm.

What’s great about this date is that you can take her to a picnic, a dinner party or just an evening alone at your kitchen table.  She is so versatile and can dress up or down to match any occasion. You just love that about her.

But she is not just about good looks. She has substance and style. You become giddy at the thought of what happens when you get to untie the bow, peel off her wrapper and dive into her.  Oh my.

So go on and make everyone jealous. This Arm Candy is all yours.




Ingredients:  wheat flour, water, salt, yeast, versatility.













(Now here is a Jacksonville farmer’s market local who really knows how to show off her arm candy! We bet she gets LOTS of stares.)