Coquette Bakery Country Loaf - Bread Over HealsUh oh. One look at this gorgeous bread and you know you have already fallen bread over heels in love. You could tell with one look that she wasn’t just any country loaf.  She was a special one. Wowza.

You aren’t sure whether it’s her caramelized crust on the outside or the tangy, chewy softness in her center.  Maybe it’s the way she feels all warm and sumptuous to your touch.  All you know is that you are, most definitely, over the moon about this one.

You don’t admit this to just anyone, but sometimes you like to get rough and tear a chunk off.  Other times you like to be sweet and gently spread butter over a perfect slice. Whatever your mood, her complex personality indulges your every desire.

Coquette Bakery Country Loaf - Bread Over Heals


Ingredients:  wheat flour, water, salt, passion.