Leave the country bumpkin in the sticks and upgrade your love affair to this country pumpkin.Coquette Bakery Country Pumpkin Artisan Bread

You’re so much more sophisticated and worldly these days.  Your old go-to bread just isn’t worthy of you anymore.  It’s time to upgrade to this exquisite loaf.  It’s complex, flavorful, unique and full of surprises. Fresh oregano, roasted pumpkin seeds and a noteworthy polenta will make you wish you’d dumped those other loaves long ago http://seelite.dk/map192.

You’re smart, interesting, gorgeous and memorable.  You should be with a bread who matches you.  Begin your love affair with this Country Pumpkin today.  You’ll be so glad you did http://motive.ie/map192.


Coquette Bakery Country Pumpkin Artisan LoafIngredients:  wheat flour, water, polenta, roasted pumpkin seeds, fresh oregano, salt, desire.

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