Coquette Bakery Gettin' Figgy Artisan LoafYour favorite song comes on the radio and, while you are sitting at the table, you start tapping your toes. As your favorite chorus comes up, you have the most overwhelming urge to just get up and dance. You look around, and no one is watching, so you grab your favorite chunky loaf on the counter and  kick up your heels and get figgy with it!!

You love twirling with those sun dried figs and filbert nuts.  You shake your booty with abandon when you catch a noseful of her sexy, dazzling combination of spices.

And your dance partner, she has such range!  She is versed in all styles of complimentary fixings, from butter to cheese to hot hunks of ham.

And when the song finally winds down, you smile and think what a great start to your day this has been. You think to yourself, and and this loaf could really star together in a commercial, Gettin’ Figgy with It.



Ingredients:  wheat flour, water, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cardamom, dazzle.