Coquette Bakery Artisan Bread Orange Cranberry BreadIt’s a warm summer morning and you are enjoying your coffee on the veranda. On your plate, delicately situated over a beautiful hand embroidered doily,  is your favorite breakfast treat. You and this sweet orange and cranberry bread, you’ve enjoyed this morning ritual together for as long as you can remember.

order viagra This bread really is a southern belle. You’ve come to love her zesty orange flavor and sprinkles of dried cranberries. You’ve come to love her perfect embodiment of comfort and sophistication, all in one. You’ve tried other breads, but nothing really compares to this one. And this loaf, she loves you too. She loves how you savor her flavor and how you hate to take the last bite. She loves when you smother her in butter or, sometimes, cream cheese. She loves when you get salty and add some turkey. And she really loves when you fry her up as french toast and sprinkle a little powdered sugar on top. As you sit there with your coffee, you tell her about the dream you had last night. You share that you dreamed you used her to create the most memorable of all bread puddings. She loves how she shows up even in your dreams and expresses to you what’s in her heart, “Awww….orange you sweet.”

She just made your day

Coquette Bakery Artisan Bread Cranberry Orange LoafIngredients: orange zest, premium dried cranberries, charm.

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