Rosemarry Sea Salt Artisan BreadYou’ll never forget when you first laid eyes on her. You knew that this would be a love affair to last. It that first moment, you fell in love with her color.  You fell in love with the way she smelled. And, more than anything, you fell in love with the crunchy, salty taste of her crust. There was nothing in the world quite like her.

After dating for a short time, you came to know that her sweet smell came from a generous helping of farm fresh rosemary. And that her crust was adorned with exquisite sea salt. Once you got more comfortable with each other, you found that she was supple in the middle and the whole experience of her made you giddy at the thought of your next encounter.

You knew you couldn’t let this one go. So one sunny day you took her on a picnic near the pond, under a willow tree. And there, with a crisp glass of wine, you asked her “Would you rosemarry me?” She squealed with delight, said “Yes!” and vowed to bring you happiness for as long as you both shall live.


Coquette Bakery Artisan Bread Gypsy Rosemarie TartineIngredients:  wheat flour, water, rosemary, sea salt, tantalization.