Coquette Bakery Thyme After Thyme Artisan BreadOn a leisurely stroll through the garden you find yourself drawn to the most intoxicating scent and as you look around you spot the most incredible beauty. They call her the ‘stinking rose.’ And with whole cloves of roasted garlic, delicately balanced with farm fresh thyme, this loaf has more suitors than she knows what to do with.

But this dame, she’s a little picky.  She won’t just go home with anyone. She needs to know that her suitor will bathe her in hot bowls of soup, smoother her with warm, soft butter, or just take her naked with unbridled enthusiasm.

So go on and get creative.  And you’ll find yourself coming back to this intoxication bread Thyme After Thyme.

Coquette Bakery Thyme After Thyme Artisan LoafIngredients:  wheat flour, water, roasted garlic, sea salt, fresh thyme, and provocation.